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WELCOME! Thanks so much for stopping by!


"I don't know what to call it--heart, clarity, vision, soul--but there is so much of it in Fran's songs that I cannot hear his voice without receiving more of these gifts myself."
 ~ Barbara Brown Taylor



I'm thrilled to announce that the registration will be open very soon for our next AwakeningSoul gathering!  Our presenters this year are Jacqui Lewis and Barbara Brown Taylor, with conversations hosted by Larry Maze. Both Jacqui and Barbara are amazingly evocative and inspiring truth-tellers, and Larry has a way of articulating the questions that are stirring in everyone's heart.

For those of you who haven't been with us before, AwakeningSoul is an uplifting, four day event held every year in early November, in Asheville, NC.  The dates for 2019 are November 7-10. 

We believe that we all need a place, set apart from the busy-ness of our everyday world, to reflect on our journeys. We need to set aside time when we can examine our lives and ask ‘what do I believe and how are these beliefs being lived out in my life? Who does my life and work serve?’ Our hope is that our AwakeningSoul gatherings create a sacred space where this work of the soul can be done, and that in our coming together we will all be affirmed that we do not journey alone.

For more information and to register, please visit;

Here's a video we've put together from our most recent event:


Here are thoughtful comments from past participants to help you get a sense of the impact of this gathering;

AwakeningSoul feeds me and makes me hungry at the same time; it both calms and troubles the waters of my soul. I have experienced the presence of God at AwakeningSoul in such a way as to be reminded that I am deeply loved by my creator, and reminded that God is calling me to join him in the work of healing this world.
~ Michael P. MN

Awakening Soul is an oasis for the soul --- a place for centering and spiritual growth.  I come away from my time there energized by challenging ideas, enriched by beautiful music, and filled with a renewed sense of spiritual possibilities.
~ Pat H.

AwakeningSoul Ensemble from We Media on Vimeo.




I'll be at the Dayspring Conference Center in Parrish, FL April 25-27 for their Journey Series.  The keynote speaker is author Diana Butler Bass.  I'll be joined by my friend and AwakeningSoul colleague, River Guerguerian.  Come join us!



Sawyerville Day Camp

I'm always looking for ways to spread the word about the amazing Sawyerville Day Camp (I'll be there again this summer), and to support their work. To that end, I've made a recording available to download - find it in the 'the shop is open' section a little further along on this page;

'Come By Here' with Allison King Tullos and Duncan Wickel.  All proceeds will go to the Sawyerville Day Camp.



The DVD we recorded live at Douglas Corner is the last gig that we did together, as we lost our dear friend, the late Michael Dreyfuss. Mike's wife, Elisabeth, passed away not long after Mikey.  We miss them both.

Joining Marty, Mike, Chris and I are lifetime honorary members, Paul Hollowell, keys, and Alan Stoker on drums.  We were also joined by Sharon Slutsky, Carol Anderson on vocals and Rock Hudson on sax. 

Marty and Chris at Casey Wood's Insanery Studio for mastering...






The shop is open!


AwakeningSoul  NEW RECORDINGS!!

Two brand new recordings from our 2018 AwakeningSoul event;

The AwakeningSoul Ensemble 'Songs from Justice is the Body of Love~Love is the Soul of Justice.' Recorded live - 9 beautiful, uplifting songs/chants. Perfect for quiet meditation or for those times when you need a bit of re-centering. Available on cd or download.


Presentations ~ Songs ~ Conversations from 'Justice is the Body of Love~Love is the Soul of Justice.'

Live recording of all the talks: Ed Bacon, Heidi Kim,  Catherine Meeks, the music, and the conversations hosted by Larry Maze, as well as the closing conversation, hosted by Brian Prior.

(available only on as a package download)



Awake ~ a companion for morning/evening meditation

Watch, O Watch, Awake, Sing A New Church, The Storm is Passing Over 

Rise ~ recorded mostly 'live' in the chapel at Kanuga. Charles Milling, producer. 

Come and Find the Quiet Center, Waiting For Lightning, Ring Them Bells, The Skin and Bones of Grace, Blackbird

Come By Here ~ with the beautiful voice of Allison King Tullos and Duncan Wickel on violin.  All proceeds go to the Sawyerville Day Camp.

McKendree Spring ~ Times Like These - Live at Douglas Corner. CD or DVD. Their final show, and the only video recording of the band 'live.'


The AwakeningSoul Ensemble 'Live at Tending the Fire' ~ the ASE performs at the annual AwakeningSoul events in Asheville, NC.  An amazingly soulful and versatile group featuring the incredibly beautiful voice of Lindsey Blount. This 2015 lineup of the ASE is; Lindsey Blount, vocals ~ River Guerguerian, percussion ~ Lily Henley, violin and vocals ~ Fran McKendree, vocals, acoustic guitar ~ Charles Milling, bass,vocals.

Fran and Ana Hernandez!

'Sending You Light' Fran and Ana with;

Billy Cardine, Paul Friesen-Carper, River Guerguerian, Ike Sturm, and Duncan Wickel
Here's a pic - recording at Teerivane Studios ~ percussionist, River Guerguerian, joined us for a session. 



I produced a recording for the immensely gifted Ginny Wilder a little while back. She is wonderful!









FROM THE ARCHIVES ~ 2011 AwakeningSoul gathering - here are a few video clips;

Fran with Charles Milling, Duncan Wickel, Lindsey Blount and River Guerguerian doing 'Painting in the Skies'


 And two fun videos of Lindsey Blount, River Guerguerian,  Charles Milling and Duncan Wickel



I do hope you'll take a few minutes to visit the 'news' page for updates and click the 'links' to find some other very creative and hardworking groups that are carrying on some important work.  And please visit the music, friends and photo pages, too. 

All the best, Fran

small photo of Fran's Larrivee guitar at top of homepage  by: Ellen Coleman

below by Susan Logan   


screenshot from the McKendree Spring 'Times Like These' DVD

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