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Fran McKendree: Blog

What's been inspiring me...

Posted on August 15, 2013

I've spent most of the summer so far working with teens and young adults in a variety of 'camp' settings; at the Sawyerville Day Camp [for economically disadvantaged children] in rural southwestern AL, in MN at a gathering of teens, with the focus mostly on music, and in northern ID, at a camp for senior high students from the WA/ID area.  Each of these opportunities to be with young people has been challenging, and I have left each one with a profound sense of hopefulness and wonder.

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Home again...

Posted on August 13, 2013
Just back from an extended time on the road... from the Sawyerville Day Camp, which was incredible, as always, to Camp Cross in ID [but the camp of the diocese of Spokane] with my buds Brian Prior, Ron Cole, and a host of other really great friends.  Then on the West Palm Beach, FL for the wedding of our beloved Lindsey Blount to her beloved Jan Lange.  They're headed to live in Germany soon... wow!
I'm so grateful for this work that I've been given to do... it is humbling to be a part of such an amazing network of folks, who are truly dedicated and committed to living out their faith journey with a generous heart and soul.  Walkin' the talk, for sure!!
I had a great time earlier in the summer, going to help out with a gathering in the Minneapolis area... a really cool event, lots of music and beautiful singing!
I've started mixing the McKendree Spring show at Douglas Corner, that we did back in May.  Hope to have something ready for our fans in the fall... a dvd and [...]
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AwakeningSoul... getting exciting as things begin to really take shape...

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Had a great few days with youth and adults from the National Happening committee meeting held at Montreat, NC.  Lots of singing and fun. I'd not been to Montreat before, for a conference..what a beautiful site and campus.

Awake has arrived!

Posted on June 16, 2010
The 'Awake' cd is now in stock, and on its way to CDBaby for distribution. They should have it up and running in a week, for hard copy sales and digital downloads.  Please hit the CDBaby link, which will take you directly to the purchase window.  The cover art and package for 'Awake' are quite beautiful, so you might want to order the hard copy!  Thanks so much for your support.

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